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For 26 years we have had the pleasure to build 5 companies around the world that had one mission…to dominate their market to bring more value to our customers than anyone else could. 

We have also had the privilege to serve in the past 19 years to hundreds of clients from a coaching/consultant perspective partnering with owners to move from being an operator to an owner.  

With over two decades in the construction industry our unique philosophy, experience, and expertise allowed us to not only make it through 2 major recessions but to excel on the other side and thrive. Our clients commonly say the same thing….” whatever TCC tells us to do, we do it and the results speak for themselves”. 

Ray has had the privilege to be a founding member of a non-profit to end the recidivism of inmates through education, job placement, and mentoring. He and his family are in California where he’s two hours from epic playgrounds for skiing and year-round mountain activities.  Then another two hours to some of the best coastline in the world. 

He has personally seen the tragedy that affects a family when a business struggles to grow, adapt, and prosper during all the seasons of the economy. His mission is to change an industry, so no owner shall suffer at the hands of not having a mentor who has been there first to show them how to prosper.   

Our mission continues with helping busy contractors to move from being an operator to a business owner and living a fulfilling life while having the business they have always dreamed of so they can serve their clients greater than anyone else can.     

Today TCC is a global organization with focus on busy contractors here in America who are still having Yo-yo-ing profit, inconsistent clients, and experience labor shortages. We will continue to deliver what our clients’ need with a system that is made for contractors and a support system that is second to none. We are privileged to be a part of their team and looking forward to changing this industry to serve at the highest levels and bring you more freedom, wealth and time to do what you love.

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